You are a shipping magnate who is racing to purchase hubs around the world and transport goods from one corner of the map to the other without giving your opponents any of your well earned points. Create your trans-world network of hubs and move fast. If you wait too long, you may lose that key hub and have to pay precious points away that were supposed to be yours. If you control the hubs, you control the game.

Expedite is a strategic 2-4 player route-building game. The game is a fast paced race to 100 points for the win. Players chose between four options per turn. Each option may not only advance their position but may advance opponents as well. There are two unique elements of Expedite. The first is the ability to buy hubs away from opposing players, providing an endless variety of strategy. The second is the splitting of available points when a World Trade Card is played.

Combining skill and luck, Expedite offers 100's of hours of game play. It is easy and intuitive for novice board game players, but the interwoven nature of the game will provide a challenge for experienced players.

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